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Boiler expert investigated and followed through advising on repairs of water tube WT boiler after overheat causing complete returbe and replacing a thrid of the steam drumAs a forensic engineering firm our field of interest is mechanical and explosion safety engineering for:

  • Boiler Explosions and Tearing Asunder
  • Steam Explosions
  • Fire Explosions Involving Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and Piping
  • Steam Condensate Explosions (incl. Water Hammer)
  • Hydrogen Chloride HCl Manufacturing Explosions
  • TCS or SiHCl3 Explosions
  • Operator Error and Inspection Omissions
  • Furnace Explosions
  • Pressure Vessel Explosions
  • Mechanical Explosions and Tearing Asunder (incl. Turbine Wreckages)

High-voltage electrical cabling and buss failure.Even years after a horrific accident, AIS Forensic Engineering expert can establish causes with a reasonable degree of certainty based on evidence.

AIS Forensic Engineering, PC has expert(s) that have provided extensive engineering accident investigations to find causes of accidents or just a second-opinion evaluation. With decades of experience that extend to the private sector, which includes insurance companies to corporations. AIS has many years of experience in engineering accident investigations to the public sectors, including friendly foreign govt, to the private sector. Our expert(s) have the experience to you resolve your position.

AIS Forensic Engineering was originally founded in 1999 as an accident investigation and inspection agency that provided a setting for turbine reconstruction, storage of forensic materials with an evaluation room for Attorneys and their Experts.

This AIS Forensic Engineering, PC analysis video is the bursting of a residential hot water boiler at operating temperature. Allegedly, the residential hot water heating boiler was asserted to have experienced a boiler explosion and allegedly during the boiler explosion the boiler was thrown forward through a wooded studded wall with subsequent rolling over a distance of less than several yards in a finished basement with fittings and piping torn away. At the forensic engineering investigators laboratory, the forensic analysis video shows here a similar boiler of make, size and model except age. For the accident report the forensic investigator brought the sample boiler up to operating temperature by a burner in the furnace and operating pressure, then the forensic investigator increased the pressure by an external pump. (no piping was attached and boiler was placed at the same distance from the masonry wall as the alleged hot water boiler) The video was documented in the accident report showing there is very-little steam produced from this type (using HWH) of boiler explosion and there is no thrusting against the masonry wall of the hot water and fragments from the burst. The boiler did not move forward either.

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